ended (sixtyeightlife) wrote in jewcoolforyou,

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jews rock!!!!

I just want to say that you jews rule. I'm your biggest fan.You wear pieces of cotton on your head, you rule. You get more presents and more holidays than christians, you rule. You actually have a physical piece of your religious history that has been mostly untampered with, you rule. You have last names like Schmaertz and Kramer and Steinboulger, you rule. Israeli women are also the sexiest women alive. Similarly, jewish men with big muscles are fucking HOT. And yes, I am being serious here, you rule. You light candles during Hannukah, you rule. You have this holiday where you live in a tent, you rule. Some of your holidays involve drinking wine to the point of intoxication, you rule. Like I said, you jews are just awesome. I love you guys.You're the best.
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